InTake 700

Rapid Bridge Throughput

The InTake 700 module works on the assumption that all loads are expected. This means that the load details will have been pre-entered, and simply need to be verified when the delivery arrives. This removes the need for time consuming entry of details at the weighbridge.

Multi Bridge Control

The system can control single or multiple weighbridges.

Driver Control

Drivers are frequently paid on a volume delivered basis. Therefore it is in their interests to deliver as much as possible in a working day. InFeed 700 empowers drivers to speed up their deliveries by allowing them to verify their own load details on arrival rather than wait to be processed by a weighbridge operator.

Tight, Automated Security

A very tight secure system operates using key card, truck reg, bar-coding, or radio frequency ID. This system can be implemented across bridge control, QA hold/release systems, and tip control.

Minimised Administrative Costs

The information that is fed into InFeed 700 can be directly linked into back-office systems. This removes unnecessary administrative time and ensures that all information is up to date and accurate.

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