G.E. McLarnon & Sons (Part of O’Kane Poultry Group)

Industry: Poultry
Feed Production: 250,000 tonnes per annum
Feed Plants: 1
Species: Poultry

Plant - Randalstown / N. Ireland

  • 2 main raw material intakes + blown materials intake with integrated weigh bridges
  • 2,500 tonnes raw material Silo / bin storage
  • 60 TPH blending plant, weighing, grinding, mixing, micro ingredients plant
  • 3 Pelleting lines & box coolers, Oil coating systems on all lines
  • 3 high speed bulk to truck filling systems with integrated weigh bridges
  • 1 High speed packing / pallet system
  • 1,500 tonnes finished product silo / bin storage

Control System

We have been a supplier to G.E. McLarnon for the past 15 years. The system is based on 10 PLCs integrated with a PC server network with a redundant server and 14 PC control system with a fibre optic backbone and full UPS backup. The complete suite of InFeed600 modules runs in this plant from Intake to out loading. Last year we upgraded their intake controls, so that the truck driver can empty without assistance from McLarnon’s staff. This complements the Bulk loading bays, which are fully operated by the truck drivers. Our system is link to the office MIS for formulations transfers, expected deliveries, production planning, and production usages. The press-line includes injection of enzymes to enrobers at very small quantities. InFeed600 also control filling to and dispensing from 2 carousel type micro ingredient weighers. Recently the plant was changed from post grinding to pre grinding of materials.

HMI Pasteurisation Control Screen