Industry: Agri business Provender Mill / Grain / Farming Equipment
Feed Production: 125,000 tonnes per annum
Feed Plants: 1
Species: Dairy, Cattle, Sheep, Pig, Horse, Poultry, Deer, Goat

Plant - Goresbridge / Ireland

  • 2 main raw material intakes with integrated weighbridges
  • 1 Bulk Mineral & Supplement / Micro Ingredient Intake
  • Raw Material Recycle/Transfer
  • 3 Grain dryers for all year around drying
  • Metered Liquid Intake
  • 3,100 tonnes raw material Silo / Bin storage and 40,000 grain stores
  • 3 Flaking / Micronising lines with integrated Geelen Counter Flow drying and cooling
  • 80 TPH blending plant / weighing / grinding / mixing - peak production of 96TPH
  • 3 Pellet presslines with a capacity of 40 tonnes / hour
  • 4 Extruder lines with integrated Geelen Counter Flow drying and cooling
  • 3 Liquid coating blend systems
  • 3 Packing Lines with a packing capacity of 540 tonnes / day
  • 3 High Speed packing / pallet / labelling systems
  • Aspirated Fines Collection System
  • 3,500 tonnes finished product storage

Control System

The Redmills manufacturing process is fully automated using the complete suite of InFeed 600 systems. The user interface hardware consists of a domain server with a minimum of 24 user client PCs, all running under Microsoft platform. The process control hardware is a series of networked Mitsubishi PLCs which directly interface with and control the plant equipment.

The various layers of the system consist of a user front end (GUI), SCADA software engine, reporting software and PLC process control software. The GUI is developed using AFCON Inc. HMI SCADA PCIM. The InFeed 600 MES engine, which processes, stores and manipulates data and communications with PLCs, weigh bridges, ERP, MIS platforms, consists of numerous modules, all of which have been developed exclusively by ICM Computer Systems as part of its ongoing product development for agricultural food manufacturing industry.

The InFeed 600 system is fully integrated with the client's corporate ERP system Millwheel. Communication is via customised file transfer. The ERP schedules raw material and finished product deliveries and is fully integrated with the goods in/out weighbridges controls, records and reports all material deliveries. Blending and process raw material usage/variance transactions are recorded by InFeed 600 and reported to the ERP system real time.

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