Increased transport efficiency

InBulk 600 has been developed to focus on the fact that transport is the second largest cost in milling next to raw materials. Therefore the efficient loading and despatch of transport is paramount to the profitability of any milling operation. By minimising delays at each stage of outloading, InBulk 600 significantly reduces transport costs and ensures a rapid return on investment.

Audit traceability

InBulk 600 provides complete capability to configure all aspects of the bulk outloading operation. Available features include receipt of load schedules, driver operated loading with on-line links to multiple bridges, single docket/invoice dispatch, complete product details, label information, weights and delivery details.

Product security

InBulk 600 minimises errors with product delivery and minimises the risk of cross-contamination of deliveries. It also provides a full audit trail on all deliveries.

Minimisation of administrative costs

Automation of the processing of load information at all stages minimises the need for administration in this area.

Direct labour savings

InBulk 600 reduces weighbridge staffing levels and associated back office functions.

Control Features

  • Multi outloading point control control
  • Multi weighbridge links/control
  • Fixed or automatic in-flight compensation
  • Truck reg/key/card/bar code/radio frequency vehicle and load recognition system
  • Weighbridge or in-line weighing/contra sets capability
  • Bin lockout facility
  • Barrier/traffic light system
  • Sieve selection on formula basis

Operational Features

  • Expected load facilities
  • Load schedule capability
  • Driver load operation
  • Single delivery docket/invoice capability
  • On-line links to financial/business systems
  • Point and click/windows pop-ups maximised
  • Multi level security
  • Full plant graphics as standard
  • Complete reporting and audit traceability available