Optimum Average Pellet Throughputs

Pellet lines are generally production bottlenecks, and are also one of the most capital and energy-intensive sections of the plant. The highly advanced InPress 600 utilises sophisticated batch control technology to move pellet production towards a continuous process. InPress 600 can be configured to minimise production stoppages for bin changeover, and for product changeover. Product changeover with minimum downtime is achieved because of the sophisticated batch tracking capability of InPress 600. This allows the system to comfortably manage multiple products at the same time. Product changeover can in fact occur without any operator intervention, and with an approximate pellet mill downtime of only 4-8 minutes.

Consistent Quality Control

If the system is linked to InBlend 600 for the acquisition of batch information, fidelity to formulated liquids can be kept. Also, the modules intelligent self-learning liquids calibration facilities can be activated so that liquids dosing systems are recalibrated on a loop and formula (or recipe) basis after each run.

Elimination of Cross-Contamination

For Multiple Batches InPress 600 provides multiple batch tracking buffers. This feature makes it much easier to have multiple products in production at one time without the fear of cross contamination. And where short production runs are a feature of operation, it minimises run changeover times which significantly increases production efficiency.

Automation Frees Operations Staff

From Routine Manual Tasks The advanced InPress 600 module provides a very high degree of automation for pellet production line. Automated control of the entire line is possible with InPress 600. This incorporates service bins through buffer bins, feeders, conditioners, liquids additions, ripeners or kettles, single or double pelleting with or without expanders, vertical or horizontal cooling, downstream coating systems and multiple line routing to finished product bins.

Essential Management Reports

An important feature of InPress 600 is the depth and scope of management reporting that it can produce. Feedmill managers can monitor and improve efficiency with accurate information on:

  • Product/batch runs
  • Pellet line efficiency
  • Operations
  • Downtime
  • Alarms

These reports can be used for traceability audits, and as measures of production efficiency.

Control Features

  • Control capability for up to 16 pellet lines
  • Service bin control and routing
  • Buffer bin feeder and conditioner control
  • Ripeners, single and multi stage
  • Kettle control
  • Double/single pellet mills
  • Expander control
  • HFC/BOA control
  • Feedrate or amp control selectable
  • Multi stage steam temperature control
  • Molasses,fats,oils at multi injection points
  • Fats spray at die system
  • On-line formula/recipe roll adjustment
  • Multi stage coolers control
  • Talc coating system
  • Continuous or batch fats/oils coating system
  • Downstream routing control
  • High level and product on-line changeover

Operational Features

  • Full plant graphics as standard
  • Point and click/windows pop-ups maximised
  • Multi level security
  • Service bin prioritisation
  • Finish product bin prioritisation
  • Individual line and overviews
  • Formula recipe system
  • Unlimited formula storage
  • Link to blending/bulk for stocks and traceability
  • Link to business/financial systems
  • Energy management reporting
  • Remote on-line support facilities
  • Operator or self resetting alarms
  • Operator log on/off facilities