Increased Plant Throughput

Significant and sustainable increases in plant throughput can be achieved with InBlend 600 through the following features:

  • Minimal batch startup, changeover and feeder changeover times
  • Multi-optional batch prioritisation
  • Batch scaling to maximise mixer throughput for dry product
  • Multi-speed feeder tuning
  • Optimisation of multi-dumping
  • Auto alarm resetting
  • Cross scale weighing optimisation

Consistent Quality Standards

InBlend 600 maintains a consistent level of quality for your feedmill through formula or recipe based grinding or grist control.

  • Formula/recipe based grinding/grist control for consistent quality
  • Automatic substitution formula control
  • Multi-featured cross contamination control

Automation Frees Operations Staff From Routine Manual Tasks

Total automation of batch make-up and changeover minimises (and error checks) operator intervention. This not only reduces errors and maintains quality, but also frees up valuable resources for other key activities.

Reduces risk of Cross Contamination

The risk of cross contamination is minimised with multi-featured cross contamination control.

Ultra Traceability for all Batches

Complete batch traceability is vital for modern feedmill control. InBlend 600 guarantees full traceability through date and time stamp transaction logging for all production activities (weighing, substitutions, batching, alarms, transfers etc). InBlend 600 module also provides management with all the records required to trace every batch of animal feed that is produced.

Control Features

  • Unlimited formula storage control
  • Multi version formula storage on-line
  • Formula/recipe facilities
  • Substitution formulae
  • Unlimited raw material storage
  • No product/material code restrictions
  • Complete stock/usages/production reporting
  • User definable flexible bin management
  • Unlimited historical production/plant information storage
  • Full plant graphics as standard
  • Bar coding additions control capability
  • Integrated stock/usage prediction formula explosion
  • Multi level security

Operational Features

  • Multi speed user defiable feed rates
  • Slectable automatic or fixed in-flight compensation
  • Automatic bin substitution
  • Automatic weigher/liquid calibration
  • Cross contamination/flush batch logic
  • Maximised point and click/windows pop-up features
  • Intelligent self learning on-line liquids addition
  • Self or operator resettable alarms
  • User selectable weigher feeder sequencing