Trouw Nutrition (A Nutreco Company)

Industry: concentrates and premixes
Feed Production: 30,000 tonnes per annum
Feed Plants: 1
Species: all

Plant - Belfast / N. Ireland

  • 1 blown materials intake
  • 120 tonnes raw material Silo
  • 50 TPH blending plant, weighing, micro ingredients plant
  • 3 High speed packing lines

Control System

Trouw Belfast has been a customer of ICM since 2003. We have installed a simple batching system using our standard InFeed600 MES modules. We also installed our first dispensary module, which allows for the manual weighing of ingredients that are later hand added to the main product.

This included bar code label printing of prepared mixes, which can be verified by a reader at the point of inclusion. The preparation of these mixes is scheduled as part of production planning and are normally made a day in advance of the product manufacture.

Dispensary Screen