Malting Company of Ireland

Industry: Malting
Production: 30,000 tonnes per annum
Plants: 1

Plant - Togher, Cork / Ireland

  • Main raw material intakes with integrated weighbridge
  • 5,000 tonnes raw material Silo storage
  • Steeping, Germinating, and Kiln processes
  • High-speed bulk to truck filling systems with integrated weighbridges
  • 10,000 tonnes finished product silo / bin storage

Control System

Control is based on GE Cimplicity SCADA for user interface & graphics, with Q-Series Mitsubishi PLCs for Plant controls. The system is based on 7 Mitsubishi PLCs connected to 1500 Plant I/O, integrated with a SQL Compliant Server and 9 thin Client PC control system network with a fibre optic backbone and full UPS backup.

The system takes advantage of all the latest technologies and tools to provide a responsive, flexible true real-time solution. The system is recognised as being user friendly and robust and is fully compliant with the latest Microsoft Development environment.

The entire plant was upgraded in one phase over a two-week period.

HMI Sample Screens