Rednut Ltd

Industry: Specialised Pet Food Business
Feed Production: 42,000 tonnes per annum
Feed Plants: 1
Species: Cat & Dog

Plant - Gowran / Ireland

  • 1 main raw material intakes with integrated weighbridges
  • 1 Bulk Mineral & Supplement / Micro Ingredient Intake
  • 1,500 tonnes raw material Silo / Bin storage
  • 25 TPH blending plant, weighing, grinding, mixing, micro ingredients addition
  • 1 Extruder lines with integrated Geelen Counter Flow drying and cooling
  • 5 Liquid coating system with multi shape / colour mixing control
  • Aspirated Biofiltered Scrubbing System
  • 2,822 tonnes finished product storage

Control System

The Rednut manufacturing process is fully automated using a comprehensive suite of InFeed 600 systems.


Rednut produces over 42,000 tonnes of pet food annually. This manufacturing process with its use of large machines and drying equipment was lacking any real time data or analysis of its energy consumption. Energy data was being collected and recorded manually with a limited level of control and visibility over consumption.


Rednut required the ability to gather and analyze energy data in a more efficient manner. They also needed a means of reducing their Main Incoming Capacity (MIC) threshold and also to eliminate costly MIC breaches, which were occurring all too frequently. They believed that more up to date data would lead to better efficiencies and reduced consumption. Rednut also were determined to implement the Winter Demand Reduction Incentive (WDRI) scheme and needed a system that would guarantee its success.


Following detailed research allied to some extensive consultancy, Rednut decided to purchase ICM Computer Systems energy monitoring and control system EnECOMS.

EnECOMS (Enterprise Energy Control Optimisation & Management System) is an automated energy management solution suitable for use across a complete range of industry sectors or enterprises. The system comprising of windows online real time SCADA based PC/PLC hardware and software is linked directly to the client's main energy incoming meter(s) to obtain pulses for kW, kVA and 15 minute energy consumption cycle. In real time, an intelligent software algorithm is performed on the live incoming data which allows the system to accurately predict energy usage for each 15 minute energy consumption cycle. The system would then automatically take evasive load shedding action should the prediction exceed specific targeted levels of consumption, MIC or Max Demand levels. EnECOMS reaction to potential breaches was configured using the systems multi-function management tools, which enabled the system user to reduce energy by disabling or restricting targeted machines. When energy levels equalised the system would automatically allow normal operations to resume/continue. Energy consumption for specific areas and specific machines were captured with individual meters. All data from the meters and exceptions was/is collected, processed and archived for live or historical reporting, trending and comparison purposes.


  • Energy consumption data is complied automatically real time
  • Time spent gathering manual data now spent implementing energy saving strategies
  • Production data imported automatically into the business reporting systems
  • Data available across a broad spectrum of departments finance, production, and maintenance
  • MIC levels reduced by at least 10% - providing real ongoing savings
  • No breaches to MIC since go-live reduced tariffs
  • Successful implementation of WDRI scheme with no breaches
  • Comprehensive data analysis highlighted anomalies in energy consumption that allowed engineering staff to take corrective action, thereby reducing costs further

HMI Sample Screens