Floodlighting Systems

We have designed a flexible and robust system that allow central control and monitoring of Flood lighting, be it in a stadium or racetrack. The system minimises electrical cabling by have local controllers per pole station with two wire communications to central control area.

Utilising the latest available technologies allows the product to be remotely accessed, extremely responsive and fault tolerant.

Key Feature & Benefits

Graphical Interface

High speed, real time, animated, full colour graphical interface. Pan Graphical System across 3 large TFT screens.

Diagnostics and alarms

Comprehensive monitoring, logging and system alarm capability. Local and Web distribution.

Local HMI interface capability

Feeder pillar controller units can have a local HMI (Human Machine Interface) for local / manual control intervention, high tech alternative to manual switches / buttons.


The system is completely scalable both at the Central Control System and at the field controller level.

WEB access

The system has complete WEB interface access, if required which will allow controlled and secure access to the system locally or globally.

Proven Solution

Installed and operational in existing Musco Light systems.

Multi level security

Built in multi-level security as standard.

Redundancy capability

The system has the capacity to have installed if required a high redundancy capability at both network and hardware levels.


Data logging and recording to a Microsoft SGL database which will allow comprehensive reporting on system operation and performance. Local and WEB distribution.

Standard Industrial Hardware

All system hardware is based on readily available and industry proven hardware from global manufacturers.

Remote intelligence

Each of the feeder pillar controller unit are intelligence and have the capability of independent operation in the event of core system or communications failure.