Ease of Maintenance

The use of standard PC & PLC technology and standard operating systems avoids locking into non-standard proprietary technology that has a slower rate of development than the wider IT industry. Maintenance can be provided in-house by the customer if so wished, and spare parts are easy to source.

Complete Traceability

It is essential in todays environment that the feeding history of each animal is fully traceable. InFeed 600 provides management with complete feed manufacturing records. A complete history is available for each load of finished product from on-farm delivery back through the manufacturing process to raw material delivery.

Potent Management Information

At the touch of a button Managers must have accurate information on operational efficiency in order to highlight problem areas and make investment decisions. InFeed 600 is designed to produce instant and easy-to-read reports for all key stages of operation.

Long-term Cost Savings

InFeed 600 reduces costs for feedmill operation by ensuring:

  • Increased production throughput & efficiency for blending and pelleting
  • Decreased transport turnaround time
  • Raw material margin fidelity
  • Reduction in labour costs due to increased production efficiency
  • Reduction in administrative costs due to automation of weighbridge and back office support administration
  • Accuracy of incoming and outgoing loads no shortfalls
  • Increased efficiency of packing, labelling, loading and despatch of bagged / palleted product

Total System Control from a Single Supplier

InFeed 600 is a Total Control Solution for every aspect of the plant. There is no need to overcome difficult interfaces between different systems, or to tackle grey areas of responsibility between suppliers.
The system optimises all stages of production as follows: